Neurxcore is a leading provider of neural processors based on an enhanced and extended version of the NVIDIA Deep Learning Accelerator open-source technology. Rich of new features and highly configurable, we can deliver the best fit to your AI-enabled chip or embedded system.


Neurxcore is a fabless semiconductor company and provider of neural processors built upon a custom implementation and enriched version of the Open NVDLA microarchitecture from NVIDIA. Our solutions optimize AI processing across the spectrum of performance, power, accuracy, and cost, addressing critical challenges in a wide range of applications, including sensors, wearables, IoT, mobile, surveillance, STB/DTV, AR/VR, robotics, edge computing, ADAS, datacenters, computer vision and generative AI. With a rich feature set and high configurability, Neurxcore provides the perfect fit for your AI-enabled system.



SNVDLA product line is a neural processor specifically designed to accelerate the inference of artificial intelligence and deep neural networks. A power efficient subsystem has been implemented and silicon-qualified; boards are available for demonstration purposes. The SNVDLA comes with the following features:

  • Configurable and scalable
  • Highly tunable
  • Milliwatt capable
  • Hundreds of TOPS capable
  • Open-source ecosystem
  • Support multiple OS
  • Support multiple CPU
  • Support multiple ML frameworks